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What do they look like?
Believe it or not, Pacific salmon look nothing like their Atlantic counterparts. They are distantly related, but have many differences. Pacific salmon are usually smaller in size. These fish range in color from blues to grays to greens and are quite scaly. They generally have fairly broad tails, many of the tails are deeply forked. They are spotted fish, although their spots are faint. They extend over their gills and back to their tails.

How do they behave?
Pacific salmon can only spawn once. They spawn then die. It has been said that these fish are "born orphans and die childless." It's eggs take weeks to hatch. And these fish do not live that long after they breed. Bears and other predators eat their dead bodies. These fish need to be careful and watch out for bears, seals and other animals in that region. Pacific salmon are mighty tasty treats for these creatures.

What should you know about them?
These fish live mainly in the upper Pacific coastal region of the United States and Canada. They are largely found in the Columbia River system in Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon. They'll eat meat or vegetation. When Pacific salmon are young, they generally feed on plankton, aquatic insects, and crustaceans. But when they grow older they'll prey on many of the other fish in their rivers, lakes, and in the Pacific Ocean.