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What do they look like?
Northern pikes are known for their large beaks. Their bodies are generally thin and long. Their colorings are dark green to gray on top. The colors change to lighter greens and grays farther down their sides, and their bellies are yellow, cream, or white. Adult pikes have yellow spots on their bodies that are oval shaped. Many pikes have light vertical stripes running across their bodies. The faces of these fish are quite interesting. Their mouths are huge in comparison to their body size. They can open up wide and show any prey their big teeth. Pike also have lots of scales. They can have anywhere from 125 to 160 scales on a full-grown adult fish.

How do they behave?
Pike spawn in the spring, when they move into shallow water. The female lays anywhere from 7,500 to 250,000 eggs, depending on her size. Pike can grow up to about 30 pounds. The eggs stick wherever they happen to land. Pikes do not build nests for their eggs. If the water is warm, the eggs will hatch within two weeks, otherwise it may take three.

What should you know about them?
Young pike like to eat small aquatic foods like algae and tiny insects, but the adults will eat just about anything they can get their mouths on. Because their mouths can open up wide, they can catch a wide array of animals, including birds, frogs, worms, ducks, other large fish, perch, minnows, trout, mice. They've even been known to eat their own kind. And believe it or not, the larger pike can eat a full-grown muskrat.