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What do they look like?
These are some of the largest fish that are found in freshwater. The average muskellunge (a.k.a. muskie) weighs anywhere from five to 10 pounds. But it's not uncommon to run into a muskie that weighs 20 or 30 pounds. These fish are generally thin and have fins of equal size. Their mouths are somewhat beak-like and can open up to become quite wide. Their teeth are solid, sharp, and deadly. These are strong fish. Their colorings are darker on top, ranging in color from gray to green to black. They are lighter as you look down their sides, and white or yellowish underneath.

How do they behave?
Muskies spawn in late spring. The males and females meet in shallow water on vegetation. They need relatively cool water temperatures in order to breed. The females drop their eggs wherever they happen to be. A female muskie will lay anywhere from 22,000 to 180,000 eggs during one season, and the young will hatch two weeks later.

What should you know about them?
Newly hatched muskies are a favorite treat of other fish. Ironically, these fish that grow to considerable size, when they're young are often even eaten by minnows! The young muskies that survive the minnows and other fish eat plankton until they reach adult size. Then, anything is fair game, as they go after the largest fish available to them.