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What do they look like?
Mullets generally take on a very light color scheme. They are typically green or bluish-green on top, have a light silver hue on the sides and are white underneath. They are much longer than they are wide and are scaled across their bodies from the base of their fins to their tails. Their faces are somewhat beak-like. They have small noses and mouths. Their noses are rounded on the end. The distinguishing characteristic on these fish is their large bellies. While they're not necessarily fat, their faces and tails are generally found at the tops of their bodies, and their bellies are significantly rounded and muscular underneath. They generally don't get very big, however. The typical mullet will grow to about a foot and a half in length and weigh only about two pounds. Mullets in aquariums grow much larger and can be as large as 12 pounds and two to three feet.

How do they behave?
Mullets in nature are typically fish that are preyed upon by larger fishes. They are often bred on fish farms for food for other fish.

What should you know about mullets?
Mullets are typically found naturally in the southern Atlantic and Gulf regions of the United States and all around the coast of South America. In the eastern parts of the world. They are found in a broad area in the southern hemisphere in and around Australia and Indonesia, as well as around the eastern parts of Africa.