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What do they look like?
Mudskippers generally live in the mud. They are fish that some people would say resemble frogs. Their bodies are long and thick (although they generally only weigh a couple pounds at most). They have eyes that sit on the tops of their heads, like frog's eyes do. And they have the ability to walk (or skip) over the mud with their fins and tail. These features on their bodies are quite muscular. Mudskippers generally come in an array of colors, and often have dots across their bodies. But if you're looking at one in a swampy area, where they typically live, you wouldn't know what colors their skin is, because they'd likely be covered in mud.

How do they behave?
Because their eyes are on top of their heads, they can see their food several feet away from where they're sitting. They like to eat insects, particularly flies. Their eyes also allow them to try to avoid birds and snakes, which typically prey on them.
Although they are fish, they have blood vessels across their bodies, which allow them to take oxygen from the air and breathe. They can–and many do–live solely on land. They like to live in swampy areas, and when high tide rolls in or when water develops in the places they prefer to live, they burrow under ground.

What should you know about mudskippers?
Some mudskippers have the ability to poison their predators. They develop a toxin called tetrodotoxin, which is a typical poison developed in several types of fish. Another form of defense for mudskippers is for them to hide underground or change the pigment on their skin to match their surroundings.