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The mountain lion is adaptable to various regions, he can be found in the snow covered mountains of Canada, to the tropical rainforest of South America. The mountain lion is called different names in various regions, he is known as the puma, panther and cougar.

The mountain lion is a very powerful animal. The largest of the mountain lions live in Patagonia and their coats are usually red gray or silver gray. But in other regions where the mountain lion is of normal size, between five to six feet long and stands two to two and half feet tall, these animals have a brownish red coat.

The jaws and legs are very strong. Mountain lions can take down a bear or bison with a single bite to the back of the neck. The mountain lion is not very different than other wild cats, they hunt the same, they stalk their prey and when they have a successful chance at a meal, they attack. If a mountain lion can subdue his victim, he will usually succeed, and enjoy a hard earned meal.

They mountain lion is not aggressive about keeping his large hunting territory. If he is faced with an overpowering take over, he will not defend his area. The mountain lion will go in search for another hunting territory. His territory will include, territories of several females. This ensures a mate during mating season.

A female mountain lion has fourteen days , every two years that she will mate. The male and female come together during this period and hunt and sleep together. After this rendezvous, the male leaves and the female is left to raise the young on her own. After, the female becomes pregnant , she carries her cubs for three to three and a half months. She will usually deliver a litter of three to four kittens, five to six are rare. The kittens are born blind, there eyes open at about two weeks. From two weeks to six weeks, they will drink only their mothers milk for nutrition. At about six weeks, they are ready to eat meat. The cubs grow very fast and are able to hunt for themselves at nine months. They will remain with their mother for two years, then they will leave in search for their own hunting grounds. After, hunting territories are established they begin their search for a mate.

Due to the vast population of uneducated humans, concerning the ecosystem. In some areas the mountain lion was exterminated. By doing this, their natural prey, the deer, became overabundant and some starved due to their was not enough food for all to survive. In some states, the mountain lion is now a protected species.