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The monarch butterfly is widespread. He can be found in Canada, Argentina, Hawaii, and Australia.

The monarch butterfly migrates from South America to North America, almost 3,000 miles, to breed. This butterfly migrates so that his eggs and the caterpillars will not be killed by the frost.

The butterfly feeds on various forms of milkweed, and flower nectar. The monarch butterflies body absorbs the poisons in milkweed. Their colors are a warning to predators they are not to be eating.

This beautiful butterfly hibernates before they breed. They are found by the million in forest of Mexico. They hibernate until early spring.

The monarch butterfly begins its mating season in early spring. When they come out of hibernation and migrate back north, the will mate on their way back. Monarch butterflies stop and lay eggs on milkweed plants. Within a few days, the eggs will hatch into a caterpillar. The caterpillars then make a cocoon, and will develop into an adult butterfly. This process takes approximately one month.

The newly formed butterfly then joins the rest of the flock north. This new butterfly will also stop and breed on their way to its new home. It has been recorded up to five generations returning from one migrating season.

The monarch butterfly is not an endangered species. Their population is stable.