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The Martial Eagle calls it home Africa, and it is the largest of all eagles there. His dark gray feathers make him a bird not easily seen. He is not very fond of humans, and avoids them at all costs.

The martial eagle prefers woodlands near large open clearings in southern and eastern Africa. This eagle can see prey as flying at heights of over 3,000 feet.

The martial eagle prefers game birds, young impalas, jackals, snakes, lizards and meerkat. When in search for prey, the martial eagle will soar high above where he can not be seen by them. When he spots his meal, he swoops down with very strong legs and picks his prey up and takes them back to his nest to feed. The martial eagle is very strong; he can carry up to 40 lbs in his strong talons.

Breeding for the martial eagle takes place July to September. The male and female mate for life. They both share in the nest building. The female lays one egg each breeding season; she will incubate the egg for up to a month and half. The male defends the female and the nest very aggressively. He also hunts for food to feed them both during this time. When the egg hatches, the male will hunt for all three. As the chick grows the male and female take part in feeding the chick. The chick grows rather fast, at three months it is time for him to try out his wings, he will try his first flight. After he has successful flown, he leaves the nest, but stays close.

The Martial Eagle is not an endangered species, but destruction of their habitat is having an effect on its numbers.