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The Manta ray is a huge friendly sea fish. The manta can grow up to sixteen feet long and twenty feet wide, with weights reported up to 3,000 lbs.

The manta ray can be found inland and offshore of the Western Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

The Manta’s diet consists of plankton and small fish. The manta ray has no teeth, so his two fins positioned on both sides of his head, pushes water into his mouth that contain plankton and shrimp. The water is then let out his fills and the food remains in his stomach.

The manta ray is largely solitairy, although occasionally they may pool together in areas of plentiful food. The manta ray is thought to mate year round. The male fertilizes the eggs inside the female. When the young are born they are fairly independent. They can feed and defend themselves.

Man is the Manta ray’s only enemy. Many think the Mantas are killers and persecute them. The Manta ray has an uncommon habit of circling boats, which often upsets humans. So many are hunted for no other purpose than to get rid of them.

Mantas are known to live, if undisturbed, for up to 25 years. Man, other than the many extermination teams, has not disturbed their habitats. The manta ray will be extinct if there are not conservation laws set in place to protect this species from a violent end.