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What do they look like?
Whitefish are very scaly fish that can reach a variety of sizes. They can be medium in size, growing as large as 10 to 12 pounds, or then can be less than a pound in weight in their adult form. They have a small dorsal fin and a very definitive and forked tail. Whitefish can have as many as 70 to 100 scales, and they have small heads. They don't have many teeth. And the teeth they have are small and frail. Some whitefishes actually even have teeth on their tongues. Whitefish typically don't have many spots, but some varieties do have faintly spotted tails.

How do they behave?
Whitefish will always be found in schools. They aren't the type to wander around alone. Whitefish are carnivorous, always looking in groups for a good meal of smaller fish.
Whitefish vary quite a bit when it comes to spawning. The season they spawn often changes from year to year, and it is quite dependant on where they are breeding. Many accounts show that whitefish spawn in every month of the year except the hottest, July.

What should you know about them?
Whitefish are known as traditional food fish. Commercial fisheries thrive, especially in the Great Lakes region, on catching large quantities of this tasty seafood. Because of the demand for whitefish commercially, pollution, and attacks on whitefish by predators have caused there to be a significant reduction in the number of whitefish living naturally. Efforts are underway to harvest whitefish and dump them into the Great Lakes.