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Jelly fish are a free-swimming aquatic animal belonging to the group known as coelenterates. This group also includes anemones and corals.

Jellyfish have a ‘bag’ with tentacles hanging down. The bag is there to keep the animal floating in the water while the tentacles catch their food. Most jellyfish tend to stay in shallow water. Since they drift with the sea's current, they do not have a need for rest.

They can be found in all oceans, especially in tropical waters and propell themselves through the sea by contracting muscles around the edge of the bell. The stinging tentacles are used for defending themselves, catching and attacking their prey, usually plankton and small fish and if stung can seriously effect man.

How many tentacles does a jellyfish have?

As there are over 20 species of jellyfish, each has a different number of tentacles, from just two to over 700. They also vary in length, some are just ad inch long, and others are 120 feet.

Getting stung by a jellyfish

If you ever get stung by a jellyfish you need to follow these simple guidelines to ensure that you receive treatment and do what you can for your sting:

* Keep calm. It will sting and often burn depending upon the area which is affected.
* If you are swimming, do your best to reach a point in the water where you can stand up safely.
* Call for help or ask others to do so.
* When help arrives do as they say. A lifeguard will know exactly the methods to take and what is best for the burn.
* If you are unable to get help or the burining begins to worsen,you can try an olsd remedy. Urine is said to relieve theburning and stinging sensation until you are able ro get the area seen to professionally. This can be awkward if the sting is in an awkward area - however most stings are on the foot or lower leg.

After first aid orsome kingd of treatment the wound will still be painful but will heal within a week or so depending upon the vastness of the sting.