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What do they look like?
Seahorses are some of the most unique-looking creatures in the sea. They have tails similar to those of some monkeys. Their tails curl around and will allow them to hang from objects. Their heads are never facing the direction you'd expect them to. They're always in an upright position at a 90-degree angle to the rest of their bodies.
Their bodies range in color from beige to orange-ish to white, and the bones on their neck and back are prominent. Their backs and tails are generally striped with darker hues. Their upper bodies and faces have dots of varying sizes in dark browns or blacks. They have little stick-like legs and feet that protrude from their bodies.

How do they behave?
Another unique quality to seahorses comes in their breeding habits. During spawning, the male and female curl up together and entangle themselves. The female passes her eggs on to the male seahorse. This is opposite of just about every other type of fish, which normally have the female incubate the eggs or young. The male seahorse fertilizes the eggs and are produced inside the male's pouch. The male then gives birth to baby seahorses.

What else should you know about seahorses?
Seahorses were named during ancient times when they were referred to being "half fish, half horse." This statement we have since learned, of course, is not correct. But their appearance does lead one to believe that they could be half horse. Seahorses generally are only a few inches long in size.