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What do they look like?
Ground sharks comprise some of the most familiar-looking sharks known to man. This family includes the whale sharks, which are the some of the largest, fiercest sharks, and the leopard sharks, which are among the most colorful sharks. Ground sharks can take on quite a few different forms, including variances in shapes, weight, and color. However, the general characteristics of ground sharks are that they are rather aerodynamic looking, have two dorsal fins that are without spines, an anal fin, and five slits for gills near their heads.

How do they behave?
Ground sharks prefer warmer water in which to reside, and they like to live within a few hundred miles of land. You won't find many of them in the deep ends of the sea, but that's not to say there aren't a few exceptions.

What else should you know about ground sharks?
These sharks are mostly carnivorous. What they like eating most varies from species to species, but in general, they'll eat anything from small fish, large fish, squid, turtles, snakes, and even other sharks. So, you can see they don't generally discriminate in their diets. Different types of ground sharks have different abilities to catch food. For example, the hammerhead shark has a long hammer-like snout that enables it to have a better opportunity to catch much quicker prey. The hammerhead likes eating squid. And while squid are generally known as quick animals, the hammerhead is at a great advantage, when it can use its snout to get what it wants.