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What do they look like?
Horn sharks give the appearance of creatures you don't want to mess with. They are the only sharks that have spines near their dorsal fins along with an anal fin. That's what makes them appear as "horned." These sharks are usually dark blue to gray in color and can be fairly large. Some adult horn sharks grow to five or six feet in length. Their heads are large, rounded, and dull on the end. But they have distinguishing bones that you can see through their skin just above their eyes. These sharks have small, but sharp teeth in the fronts of their mouths, which can see when they open up wide. But in the backs of their mouths are huge, unsharp molars.

How do they behave?
These sharks are generally slow animals. They tend to live on the bottoms of the oceans, so few humans ever really get to see them in their natural habitat, unless you're looking for them, of course. They are quite carnivorous, eating mainly deep-sea creatures such as worms, clams and sea urchins.

What else should you know about horn sharks?
Horn sharks mainly come out at night to hunt for their prey. They are generally nocturnal. During the day, they like to hang out in caves or other areas they can find to hide out in on the bottom of the ocean. They prefer to live in warm climates. They need warm water temperatures in order to survive.