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Hawaii is known for its beautiful foliage and wildlife. There may not be a more beautiful location in the Pacific Ocean. There are two main trees that are native to Hawaii that still can be seen on the islands. These trees should definitely be sought out and admired when you visit the state.

· Koa. Koa is a form of acacia and is a native tree of Hawaii. It is a huge tree when grown, as it can reach more than 70 feet in height. Koa trees have hefty trunks that can be as many as 12 feet in circumference! You can’t miss the Koa tree because of their leaves. Their foliage are shaped like sickles, and they produce yellow flowers that bloom on the tree. Koa trees are mainly found in deep forest areas on the islands, but you can find them occasionally in other areas. The reason they grow mainly in the forest is that they need well-drained soil in order to survive. Hawaiians often use the wood from the Koa tree to make paddles, surfboards and furniture.
· Ohia. There are more ohia trees in Hawaii than any other type of tree. These trees come in all shapes and sizes. They can be tiny, or 100 feet tall. These trees are often the first life to form after lava destroys an area. The ohia tree creates a flower that looks a lot like a pom-pom. They are big fluffy flowers. The wood from the ohia trees are used in building canoes and poi bowls. Ohia trees are said to be sacred to Pele. It has been said that if the ohia flowers are not prayed to prior to picking, she will create a rainstorm. The flowers are typically used to make leis that are infamous for Hawaiian visits.