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Hawaii is beautiful from its green landscape to gorgeous waterfalls to the wonderful animals you can see around the various islands. While looking around you'll be likely to see many beautiful birds. Unfortantely, over the years, many of these exotic and beautiful birds have become extinct. Many others are in danger of it. In fact, half of the birds you'll see
on the islands are on the Endangered Species list. But even though the numbers are dwindling, you can still see some amazing birds on the islands.

1. Hawaiian Honeycreepers: There are more than 40 distinct types living now. It's thought that there were even more before about 1950. Many have different body types. Some look like finches while others look like warblers, thrushes, blackbirds, parrots and even woodpeckers. Their bills range from long pointed honeysuckers to tough hooked nutcrackers. Scientists say they are the most evolved birds in the world.

2. Crested Honeycreeper: Lives on Maui. It is a large bird, averaging about seven inches and is usually black. However, its throat and breast are tipped wtih gray while its neck and underbelly are bright orange.
It primarily eats ohia flowers.

3. Maui Parrotbill: Also endangered. Lives on the slopes of Haleakala. It has an olive green back and yellow body. Its parrot-like bill is used to crack branches and pry out larvae.

4. Hawaiian Stilt: A 16 inch, thin wading bird. It has long, stick-like pink legs. It's primarily black with a white belly. The stilt lives on Maui. At times, these birds will pretend to be hurt so other predators will stay away from their nests.

5. Hawaiian Coot: Resembling a duck, the coot is web footed. You can find it on all islands beside Maui and Kauai. It lives in a large floating next and will defend its young to the death. Its charactaristics are
dull gray feathers with a white bill and white tail feathers.

6. Dark Rumped Petrel: Primarily lives near Haleakala and is mostly seen just after dusk between May and October.

7.Pueo: A Hawaiian owl found mostly on Maui, but also at times on the other islands. It has a heart shaped face with large, round yellow eyes. Its legs are heavily feathered with a mixture of brown and white feathers. Pueo chicks are a distinct yellow color.

8. Nene (Hawaiian Goose): Almost extinct, more and more nenes are appearing in Hawaii. In 1940, there were less than 50 birds living in the wild. Now there are approximately 125 of these birds on Haleakalaand 500 on the Big Island. The nene is a descendent of the Canadian goose.

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg of what you'll see when you are out birdwatching. But these are the most common birds found on the Hawaiian Islands.