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Harvester ants are large ants of the pgonomyrymex species. However, they can be problematic in the lawn or garden and will aggressively sting and bite anything which disturbs their nest.

The harvester ant can be up to 1/2 inch in length and will be seen crawling on cleared areas of ground around the home. They may be seen going in and out of craters or large holes in the ground which are surrounded by cleared areas from 3 to 35 feet in diameter. Cleared areas may have small pebbles or seed husks strewn on them. Mounds tend to be low to the ground if visible at all.

Harvester ants eat tender vegetables which surround the areas of their nests and are primarily seed eaters. The cleared areas result in their feeding, and the husks are the undigestibnle parts the ants leave behind. Harvester ants have been known to kill very small or weak animals that accidentally wander over their nests and will aggressively painfully sting and bite anyone or anything that disturbs the nest.

Insecticides are effective if they contain acephate. Spraying outdoor areas where ants have cleared areas with acephate, chlorypyrifos or diazinon can also be helpful. Make sure you cover about two feet beyond the cleared area to get all ants that may be feeding, and spray down into exposed holes and crevices where the ants may be nesting. If you are bitten, an ice pack to the injury will keep down swelling. If unusual or severe reaction develops be sure to consult your doctor.