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What does it look like?
These toads are rather husky creatures. They are small like normal toads are and have large eyes and protruding pupils. The skin on these toads is fairly smooth and fine. They are distinguishable by their dotted backs. The backs of these animals are green, the sides are yellow to gray in color, and they have green spots on their backs, heads and legs. The undersides of these animals are white in the front in the chest area and turn purplish as you look down their bodies. Their heads are always broader than they are broad and their signature croaks are deep. They have large tongues and their toes are longer than most of their relatives. And, of course, they have the tough spades on their toes that are found on toads in this family.

How does it behave?
Hammond's spadefoot toads like digging around. They prefer to live under ground. They like to dig with their hind feet and push the dirt on top of their bodies.
These toads breed any time between February and August each year. They need a heavy rainfall in order to mate. The females lay their eggs on vegetation. The eggs tend to stick to the plants and hatch in one to two days. The tadpoles generally transform into adult toads about a month later.

What do you need to know about it?
Hammond's spadefoot toads are mainly carnivorous. They are known to even prey on tadpoles of their own kind. However, they mainly eat mosquitoes.