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The hairy mammoth is now an extinct creature that lived on earth over 10,000 years ago.

The hairy mammoth was lightly larger than the elephant that we know. They are suspected to have lived in Siberia, Northern Europe and North America. The hairy mammoth was covered with thick fur that helped him survive extreme cold weather.

Their diet consisted mainly of plants. Their found teeth show much wear from use. Their teeth are much like the teeth of elephants today.

Other than man, the hairy mammoth did not have many predators. Man would hunt them for food and clothing. This huge animal was of great use to humans. They would eat the meat and use their hides as clothing. The bones and tusks were often used in building homes.

Because of the close similarity of the great hairy mammoth and today’s elephants, scientists are able to determine a great deal about the mammals breeding habits. The hairy mammoth most likely became sexual mature at about ten to twelve years of age.

The male and female would mate and the female would become pregnant for approximately twenty-two months. The female would then give birth to one young mammoth at a time. The mammoths are thought to have lived up to sixty years of age.

Remains of the hairy mammoth have been found in the Arctic and Siberia. Since there has been quite a few remains found, it is thought that there is a small trade of mammoth ivory in Siberia.