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What do they look like?
Flounders are flat fish, and they can take on a large variety of sizes. Adult flounders can be as small as 20 pounds, or they can be as large as 600 pounds. While they are very flat fish, they are normally rather round. And they have fins running across the upper parts of their bodies, around their backsides, and underneath them. It's almost as if they're a flat, circular ball with fins circling them. These fish can take on a variety of colors, ranging from reds to oranges to greens to blues.
The other distinguishing characteristic with these fish is their eyes. Their eyes migrate across their bodies throughout their lives. They generally start out with eyes on either side of their bodies, but as they grow older, one of their eyes begins to migrate closer to the other one. Typically, the migrating eye (usually the left eye)–over a period of several years–goes over the top of the flounder's head and takes up residency near the other eye on the other side of its face.

How do they behave?
Flounders like to eat a wide array of ocean foods. Some flounders feast specifically on other fish, while others prefer worms and mollusks. Still others only eat crawfish. Each seems to be fairly picky in what it would like to munch on.

What else should you know about flounders?
Flounders are typically found on the bottom of the ocean or the bottom of your tank. Their mouths have a special function that allows them to "drink" large amounts of water in order to get oxygen and breathe without taking in much sand. You might expect them to take in some sand, being bottom-dwellers, but the jaws on the side of their heads that have eyes have a siphon of sorts that allow them to drink water without sand.