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Fish conservation has been neglected over the years. While many other types of living creatures have been fairly easily documented, with fish it's more difficult to count how many of each species and subspecies actually exist. Conservation efforts had largely been limited to freshwater fish for many years, until marine researchers had been able to spend more time in tropical waters in the late 1990s.
The problem in large part is the types of places some of the rare fish live. Some types of fish only live in certain parts of the world. When those parts are threatened by disease, predators, or even a dry climate, that poses problems for some fish. When certain fish are tagged as endangered, humans are trying their best to keep wetlands available and healthy for these fish.
The United States and Mexico have the largest number of threatened fish of any country in the world. Indonesia, Australia, and Uganda are next on the list, but really don't compare to the the two major North American states.
Some species that have been endangered in recent years include forest fish, some Cichlids, and sturgeons. Forest fish that live in the tropical rainforests of the Amazon and Malaysia have been largely killed off because of the development around the habitat of these fish. These fish thrive off fruits and leaves, but can't get to their meals because of human intervention. Cichlids are often found in the western deserts of the United States. These fish like scarce environments such as Death Valley in Nevada and California. On occasion the desert pools in which these fish live dry up, causing them either to adapt to life without water or die. Lake sturgeons have been threatened by pollution. These fish are naturally found mainly in the Great Lakes region of Canada and the United States. Pollution has taken its tole on the water quality here, and has meant the end to the lives of many of these popular fish.