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An elephant is the largest land animal, Africa’s true king of beasts. The males weigh in at 11,00 to 32,200 pounds, and his height is 9 foot 10 inches to 11 feet. Females weigh 6,600 pounds to 7,700 pounds and average 8 feet 4 inches.
The elephant has a muscular extension of the upper lip containing the nostrils called a trunk. At the tip of the trunk is two finger like projections for handling small objects. The trunk has over 40,00 muscles in it.
The huge ears on the elephant are 6.5 feet by 5 feet, and they have six sets of cheek teeth. There are two upper and two lower sets, when the elephant out grows or wears one set out another takes its place.
The tusks average 134-287 pounds a piece in males and 7.7 feet. The females tusks are 42 pounds at 60 years of age. Their feet have four toes on the front feet and three toes on the back foot. The skin is naked except for scattered bristles and sensory hairs, and they are usually brown or gray.
The elephant is active day and night, it feeds 16 hours and sleeps 4-5 hours in a day, usually standing. Male elephants drink up to 60 gallons a day, 26 gallons at a time. They consume and quickly process 330 pounds in one day.
Elephants cannot run, or jump, but they walk at a speed of 3.7 to 5 miles per hour, and increasing up to 6-8 miles per hour.
An elephant's first conception is at 10 or 11 years old, and gestation is 22 months. There is a 4-9 year interval between calves, and the calves are usually about 265 pounds when born.
Elephants are found everywhere south of the Sahara, and the males are called bulls, females are called cows, and the babies are called calves.