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What do they look like?
Electric Rays are flat, round, and have generally smooth skin. They can reach considerable size, some of them growing to as big as six feet from head to tail. Like all rays, they take on a disk appearance, with two huge fins connected to either side of their bodies. They are generally dark gray to black in color and have electric organs on either side of the disk behind their eyes, which gives them their name.

How do they behave?
These creatures are capable of producing an incredibly high voltage of electricity. That's what makes them feared by many other ocean creatures. Electric rays live on the bottom of the ocean, and, because they are so flat, they are generally able to burrow themselves somewhat underneath the sand. They wait for the animal that they want to catch to make an appearance directly above them, and they fire off an electric "stun" directly into the body of the fish they want to eat. Different fish have different reactions to the stun, but most fish instantly are killed, allowing the electric ray to eat dinner.

What else should you know about electric rays?
Electric rays generally don't swim much in the ocean, but rather crawl along the ocean floor. They prefer depths of about 3,000 feet. They rely on their tail and caudal fins to move. Many rays use a "flapping" motion of their disk to propel themselves from place to place. But the electric ray actually uses its tail to get it where it wants to go.