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The Pacific Islands are the home of the beautiful green and red eclectus parrot. Electus parrots are sociable and a noisy group of birds. The male parrot is slightly larger than the female, who has a red throat and purple under wings.

The Eclectus parrot is a vegetarian he feeds mainly on buds, blossoms, seeds, nuts, berries, and fruit and flowers nectar. In the tropical forest you can find large flocks gathered on fruit bearing trees. They mainly feed at sunrise.

There is no specific breeding season for the eclectus parrot. The male parrot will search for a mate, when he locates the female; he performs a few courting rituals to obtain her attention. When she is ready to mate she will recognize him. She will begin to look for a nest, that will be located high in a tall tree. She will usually lay two eggs that are white. She incubates them by herself; the male has no other part of the young. He will at intervals bring food for the female.

The young will hatch in about twenty five to twenty six days. The mother will feed them with berries and seeds. The young will learn to fly at about three months. When they learn to fly the leave the nest and feed for themselves. They reach sexual maturity at about three years of age. The Electus parrot has a long lifespan, from forty to fifty years.

With hunting and land clearing in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands, the parrot has lost some of its habitat. There is no real danger at this time, for the survival of the Eclectus Parrot.