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Did all dogs come from wolves?
Nobody really knows. It isn't totally ridiculous to make that claim considering that man domesticated wolves thousands of years of ago, and since then we have adopted the dog as a lifetime friend.

How did wolf domestication begin?
For a long time man was scared of the wolf. At night the wolf howled and struck fear into hearts. The wolf, at the same time, was just as scared of man. Man was a tall, upright, hairless ape that made light at nighttime. Time went by and they began to know each other better. Man realized that there were some talents, attributes, or qualities the wolf had that man lacked.
The wolf is an excellent hunter, first of all. Secondly, they could be used as lookouts, with their keen eyesight and honed sense of smell. Wolves kept people alive; they were the providers, in one way or another. In harsh winters, when food was sparse, sometimes people were forced to eat the wolves.
As years went by, people began to notice that a gray and black wolf would have gray and black puppies. This started their minds racing about the possibility of selectively breeding a better wolf. The bigger wolves with bigger teeth and mouths were bred to produce hunting wolves. The wolves with the better sense of hearing and smell and sight were usually bred to be watch-wolves.
After centuries of this selective breeding, the wolf was so far removed from its natural state, that it was domesticated. Because it was so much unlike its relatives in wild, it ceased, really, to be known as a wolf. There developed a new animal, a hybrid; this is where some believe dogs to have come from. It is believed that dogs have a few ancestors and relatives, including wolves.
It is quite interesting to try to imagine man and wolf as they first met face to face.
Man would share his food with the wolves. The wolf sneaking slowly out of the brush. A friendship quickly grew and the wolf would run about free. No need to tie it up like man had to do with the horses. It was the beginning of a long-lasting friendship.