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What do they look like?
Dogfish come in all shapes and sizes. The reason for that is that there are more than 90 different species of dogfish that all share the common physical characteristics. All dog fish have five gill slits on each side, they lack anal fins, but they do have a series of spines on their backs leading up to their dorsal fins. Dogfish includes some of the largest sharks known to man, such as the Greenland shark (known to grow up to 21-feet long), and some of the smallest sharks anywhere, like the lantern sharks (which will reach a maximum of eight inches in length).

How do they behave?
Different dogfish have different lines of attack. By far the most interesting method is conducted by the cookie-cutter shark. As you may be able to tell by its name, when this animal spots the fish or other shark it wants to eat for dinner, it bites into it, carving an interesting shape out of the animal. The prey dies from losing too much blood, and the cookie-cutter shark gets its meal.

What else should you know about dogfish?
Various types of dogfish will live in different types of waters. Some prefer warm, even hot temperatures; others like the arctic chill; still others need somewhere in between to survive. For the most part, however, these creatures like to swim the deepest parts of the seas. But some will travel from the depths of the ocean floor to the surface all in the same day, in order to find food.