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There are many living creatures that call our natural waters home. But sometimes these locations aren't livable habitats. Natural and man-made conditions have caused their homes to be devastated and in bad condition. Here are a few common water quality problems and other means that fish are threatened, how they started, and what, if anything, can be done to solve them.

* Natural conditions

Environmental conditions do change from time to time. The ice age killed off the dinosaurs. Each fall and winter in the northern parts of the United States, cold weather kills off mosquitoes and other insects. These changes occur naturally.

One thing that often goes unnoticed is that droughts often can be detrimental to the fish population. Many species of fish live in shallow creeks and streams. When their habitat experiences a dry spell, it can be deadly. We've all seen pictures of washed up fish on beaches that didn't make it because of the lack of water.

Temperature changes in water can also be detrimental to fish. If a climate experiences a long-term cold or warm spell, that can mean some of the fish in those waters may be looking at their last days.

There's no real way to change these conditions, aside of foreseeing these adverse conditions, rescuing the fish, and placing them in a new, better habitat.

* Pollution

This is by far the most human controllable factor of water that is in poor condition. Every day millions of pounds of toxic pollution are dumped into the air and sea across the United States and abroad. None of these toxic conditions are beneficial to fish. The U.S. government is increasingly regulating the amount of pollution industries can omit. This certainly helps the survival rates of fish, but by no means provides a complete solution.

* Anglers

When certain fish become incredibly popular among anglers, the fisherman sometimes will swipe up all the fish they can get their rods and reels on. Many fish have become nearly extinct because of the popularity of eating certain types of fish. Many federal, state, and local governments have noted this problem and have gone ahead and issued rules as to how many fish of a particular type can be caught in a given year.

* Commercial Trade

Caviar and different forms of sushi are becoming increasingly popular, both in the United States and abroad. This means many types of fish, including the sturgeons and paddlefish that are used to make caviar, are threatened. There are many fish that are affected by the increased need for fish for food in countries around the world. And people are willing to pay big bucks for these fish. The only way of controlling this method of threatening the well-being of fish is through government and social regulation.