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What is it?

Daddy longlegs, also called harvestmen are closely related to spiders. They are not true spiders as they are not capable of producing silken webbing, however, they resemble spiders in both appearance and habits.

What does it look like?

These insects have long delicate legs and small fragile bodies. They are often found around gardens as well as the home. Many times you will find them crawling on the side of your house, or indoors in bathrooms, basements, and kitchens. Often they are seen in groups with their long graceful legs intertwined.

How does it manifest?

They are most common in areas where there is a source of water such as lakes, streams, swamps and artificial water gardens. They are commonly seen prior to a rain which leads to the myth that if you kill a daddy longlegs it will rain. Daddy longlegs lay eggs in the soil under wood, stones and other debris in these areas and feed mainly on insects. They do not bite humans and are most active at night. When daddy longlegs do wander indoors they are harmless and do not cause any damage.

What can you do about it?

To reduce the amount of daddy longlegs you are getting indoors, clean up any wood, trash, stone piles or other debris that is near the home outdoors. Trim back plant growth around the house and seal cracks and crevices in screens, around windows and doors. Also keep basements from being damp with dehumidifiers, and don’t leave piles of wet clothing and towels around your home where daddy longlegs like to crawl and nest.