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The Common Nighthawk can be found in North and South America. In winter, he makes his home in the warmer climates of South America. He migrates North for the breeding season from March through August. You can find him in the forest, in open areas. This bird likes his space, for feeding and breeding.

This forest camouflaged bird uses his dull brown and yellow plumage to blend in to its home area. This protects him from predators while resting during the day on a branch or on the grassy ground. This nighthawk hunts in early morning and at dusk. He flies in a zigzag motion, catching insects with it’s mouth and in his feathers as he flies. He will fly for a short period then land; he then eats what he has caught in his mouth. He then begins picking out insects from his feathers. If young are involved he will go back to his nest and feed the chicks first. The common nighthawk can usually be found alone or in pairs. During breeding season he can be found in flocks.

After, the nighthawk has made its journey from South America to North America; their breeding season begins. The male will do a mating ritual flight that excites the female. The female will then lay two eggs in a ground laid nest. She incubates the eggs for two to two and half weeks. During this time the male hunts food for the female and himself. After, the eggs hatch the male and female take responsibility in feeding the chicks. It will be about a month after the chicks’ hatch before they are able to feed themselves. The Common Nighthawk is thought to be able to live up to five years.

The Common Nighthawk recently has had population reductions. This turn of events is being researched for causes.