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What does it look like?
Colorado River toads are large animals in comparison. They generally have a distinguishably thick, leather-like skin and are gray to brown to green in color. These aren't the most attractive of toads, as they typically have a large number of warts on their backs. Their undersides are normally much lighter in hue than their backs. The Colorado River toads have heads that are wider than they are long with moon-shaped crests between their eyes and front legs. The undersides of their mouths are white, and they typically have several warts on their chins. One particular characteristic of these toads that is present on virtually no other is large glandular warts on their upper legs. These toads generally grow to three to seven inches long.

How does it behave?
These toads generally live on or near large streams along the southwestern United States desert. They can be found naturally in the region from southern Arizona to southern California and down into Mexico.
These toads make themselves somewhat hidden until it rains in the early summer months. They then make their presence quite known, through their loud "croaks." The noise becomes increasingly loud until finally a deafening roar is produced.

What do you need to know about it?
These toads, when they breed, lay long strands of black eggs. These eggs are layed in or around ponds and streams and hatch within days.