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What do they look like?
These fish take on a wide array of colors and shapes. There are 33 different species in this family. But they all have certain characteristics that easily identify them as carpet sharks. Carpet sharks all have mouths under their heads but in front of their eyes. They have eyes on the sides of their heads and have noticeable passages that connect their nostrils with their mouths. Their colors can range from browns to blues to grays. Some of them even take on stripes or dots across their bodies.

How do they behave?
Carpet sharks generally live near the bottoms of shallow parts of seas. They are found in large numbers in the waters in and around the Indo-Pacific and off the Australian coast.
Carpet sharks are some of the weakest sharks in existence. Their tails are not strong, which often prohibits them from making instant attacks. For these reasons, they generally aren't as fierce as other sharks.

What else should you know about carpet sharks?
These sharks are mainly nocturnal. Some of them are very good at camouflaging their bodies in order to surprise their prey. During the night they'll feast on small fish, jellyfish, and other smaller creatures. They also like eating plankton and other plants found on the bottom of the ocean.