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The brown long eared bat can be found in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia. This bat is a graceful and extraordinary hunter. They make their home in hole in large trees.

The brown long eared bat is an insect eater. The bat uses an echo system to catch prey. He sends a series of sounds out, and then listens to the echoes. This allows his brain to create a detailed image of his surroundings. With this system the bat is able to distinguish between the insect and the leaf the insect is sitting on. He is able in flight, to pick insects off foliage.

When this bat is finished hunting for the night, he retreats to his home, and hangs upside down to sleep. By sleeping he reserves his much needed energy.

Mating season for the brown long eared bat occurs from October to April. The female is able to delay pregnancy until spring, when there is enough food to maintain her milk supply. After mating the long eared bat will usually hibernate until spring. After hibernation the female releases her egg and the sperm she has stored. She gives birth to one young bat, it takes approximately 50 days. The young stay with the mother for one month, and then leaves and joins other young until winter hibernation.

The brown long eared bat is not endangered. But, its population has been declining due to loss of habitat.