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The Boa Constrictor is a loving reptile: it will literally hug you to death.

The boa constrictor is not a poisonous snake. It suffocates its prey by wrapping around it, and with every breath of air the captive takes, the boa will tighten its grip until the victim suffocates.

The boa constrictor makes his home on the floor of many rainforest throughout central and South America, Trinidad and Venezuela. They range in size from three to twenty feet. The boa constrictor's colors of brown and cream help him blend in with the forest floor, you may also find him hiding in tree branches.

The boa constrictor’s diet consists of any animal he can swallow. His favorites are mice, lizards, and frogs because there is an abundance of these and make a fulfilling quick snack.

The boas, when hungry looses all reason. He has been caught by farmers, because he squeezed through chicken wire to get to a hearty meal. But, after eating his fill, his body became too large to escape the way he came in. With no other escape he would be stuck. Farmers will kill the boa constrictor at first sight, because he preys on their chickens and other livestock.

When the rains come, the boa will look for his mate. The male will fertilize the eggs inside the female. Unlike many reptiles, the female carries her young inside her body. She gives birth to twenty to sixty live young. They range from seventeen to twenty inches long. Within a week they are around three feet. They reach sexual maturity at two to three years of age, at this time they will be seven to ten feet long.

The Boa Constrictor’s habitats are being destroyed: they are a protected species. Even though they are protected they are still hunted for leather trade which is a high dollar trade industry.