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Blue Whales-

The Blue Whale is the largest living animal ever. It has a length of between 80 to 110 feet and weighs anywhere from 120 to 190 tons. The biggest whale ever caught weighted 190 tons. As far as fossil records go they all indicate that the Blue Whale is the largest animal to ever grace the earth.

It is usually gray or an off white in color with the flippers sometimes home to barnacles or yellowish creatures called diatoms. In the Blue whale species the females are usually a few feet larger than comparable males of the same age. In the breeding season they eat as much as f our tons of shrimp and krill a day. Their head compromises nearly one quarter of their body. The mouth is very flat and is shaped like a large shovel. It eats by opening its mouth and simply letting water come through the small bony plates that make up its teeth. The bony teeth act as a kind of strainer and allow water to pass and the food to stay behind where it is promptly swallowed.

Before the advent of whaling it is estimated that there were about 200,000 Blue Whales worldwide, now it is estimated that there are fewer than 12,000 worldwide. Blue Whales were hunted nearly to extinction from about 1910 until 1966. In 1966, they were declared banned from being hunted worldwide, since then the population has slowly trickled back up but there still remains a question about what kind of population growth there is among the species.