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The blue footed booby makes its home throughout the Pacific Islands. You can find this bright blue footed, tropical seabird from the Gulf of California to the Galapagos Islands.

This seabird is very graceful in flight and in the warm tropical waters. He is not so good on land; his awkward feet get in his way and make him quite clumsy. This bird is quite sociable and can be easily tamed. Visitors to the Pacific Islands photograph it quite often.

The male and female booby hunt at different parts of the water area. The male hunts in more shallow waters, while the female hunts in deeper waters. Their favorite is fish, they hunt many different kinds of fish, and whatever is available in the habitat. The booby usually hunts alone, but if there is abundance they will signal to the rest of the flock.

The blue footed booby mates for life. During breeding season, which is anytime. The male performs a courtship ritual to ready the female for mating.

The female lays two to three eggs. The booby lacks what is known as brooding patches. Brooding patches are for transmitting heat to incubate the eggs. The booby incubates their eggs by standing on them, with their broad webbed feet. When the eggs begin to hatch around forty days, the booby brings the eggs to the top of their feet to continue hatching.

The booby chicks have to be fed all the time. When food is scarce the oldest chick may only survive. When food is plentiful all the chicks are destined to survive.

The Blue Footed Booby is small in numbers. They are a protected species, and in time their population may grow.