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The Black Crowned Night Heron is found in North and South America. It gets its name by the black cap that looks like a crown on its head.

The Black Crowned Night Heron feeds in the early morning and the early evening. He is found by lakes and ponds, so his diet consists largely of fish and other small animals by his home sight.

This bird can grow up to two pounds in weight and about twenty-five inches in length. They reach sexual maturity at approximately two to three years of age. The night heron is a social bird, they can be found breeding in colonies. The male is the one who begins the nest, but the female will finish it. The female lay anywhere from two to five eggs which both the male and female protects from predators. It will take approximately a month for the eggs to hatch. When this happens, both parents take part in feeding the young and cleaning the nest. The Chiclets stays in the nest for about two months. When they are ready to leave, the parents push them out of the nest. Then they are on their own. The young birds will stay close to the colony for safety reasons. They are new so they follow the flock. It will be about a year before the young chick truly ventures out on his own.

The Black Crowned Night Heron is thought to be able to live up to twenty-five years. He is not under any population threat, his numbers are expanding.