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What do they look like?
The Arctic char varies quite widely in both size and color. They are generally spotted extensively across their bodies. Most of them lighter in color. Many are silver. Arctic char that live mostly in oceans tend to be lighter and less spotted than the ones that call rivers, lakes, and streams home. Most Arctic char have dark blue or black backs. The colorings change to a lighter green or gray or blue as you look down their sides. Their bellies are typically white, but they have also known to take a reddish tint in certain regions. The spots on these fish can be any of a variety of colors, ranging from pink to orange to bright red. Most Arctic chars only grow about a foot long, but larger fish are not all that uncommon.

How do they behave?
Arctic chars are typically found in colder climates. They prefer the lower water temperatures of the coasts of New Hampshire and Maine, as well as Alaska and the Canadian coast. They spawn in the fall months. These fish generally swim into bays during the summer months when there's not as much ice on the water. In the fall, the female lays her eggs on rocky areas in shallow waters. These fish don't seem too protective of their offspring. They don't build a nest, and they don't stick around for the eggs to hatch.

What should you know about them?
Arctic char are generally carnivorous. They feed on shrimp, aquatic insects, and crawfish. They don't generally eat other fish, but do also like plankton.
Arctic char are also favorite meals of many polar bears, whales, sharks and seals. So these fish need to watch their surroundings at all times.