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The Archaeopteryx is a prehistoric animal that lived on earth over 150 million years ago. It is thought to have lived in, what is modern day Germany. That is where they have found five fossils of the Archaeopteryx.

This bird like dinosaur had feathers like the common day bird, but researchers are not sure of its flying capabilities. They think that it would likely be found climbing in trees and possible flight. He had a beak full of teeth; it is thought that this bird dinosaur probable ate small insects and smaller creatures.

It is not known exactly how they breed, but according to common birds of today, they probable hatched from eggs and took an incubation period of two weeks to thirty days. The young were most likely protected by its mother and father from predators, due its size and experience.

The archaeopteryx, was more than likely prey to many predators, due to its size. But, it is thought to have been a quick runner. So, it may have gotten away more times than caught. Most of the fossils found, show long legs with hooked claws.

The Archaeopteryx disappeared from Earth over 150 million years ago. So far scientists have not found another bird type dinosaur since the discovery of the Archaeopteryx.