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What does it look like?
American toads are ugly and fat. They have short thick heads and bodies. Their noses are rounded. If you touch the back of an American toad, it will feel almost like sand paper. They have dark warts of varying sizes all over their backs. Their undersides are considerably lighter than their back sides in color. Their backs are dark green to dark brown, while the bellies on American toads are yellow to white.
The eyes on these animals stick out off their heads. Their legs are rounded, stubby and incredibly warty. The length of their bodies can range from two to four inches. They are generally found in the eastern half of North America.

How does it behave?
American toads generally enjoy living in your garden or field. You'll rarely see them during the daylight hours, but at night they'll often be out in full force. When the days are incredibly full of sun shine, they'll see out darkness wherever they can find it, such as under boards, logs, flat stones, and etc.
The noise these animals make is highly distinguishable. It's a high-pitched thrill of sorts, and their calls generally each last longer than you'd expect.

What do you need to know about it?
They breed in the late spring to early summer months. Females lay the eggs in extended round tubes. They'll lay as many as 8,000 eggs per female per season and will hatch from three days to two weeks later.
American toads love to eat insects. They'll search gardens, yards and fields for anything they can find. They prefer such creatures as ants, potato bugs, and worms.