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The American Quarter horse is one of the truest American horse breeds there is. It was developed over the years with a combination of breeding from other horses that were brought over to America in the late 1400's to early 1500's by early explorers. It has been bred to the highest standards over the years.

The American Quarter horse has been very useful over the years to people. It was bred for its speed at a short distance, thus it was called the quarter horse. It also had tremendous strength and great agility. It was used for many purposes over the years and is still used today. The horse's main function was as a cattle horse. It was used to keep control of the herds and aide the rancher in chasing down and apprehending runaway stock. The quarter horse became famous in the stories of the old west. It was the trusted steed of lawmen and outlaws a like.

The horse was also used as a means of travel for the early settlers. It was one of the most useful things to have on the farm. The horse was used for farming and herding among other uses. The horses were also used for recreation such as racing. People would get together and race each other to see who had the fastest horse. The horse was very fast at a short distance and had incredible stopping power.

The American Quarter horse has served a great purpose over the years and still does today. It is one of the most popular breeds today, as it was 400 years ago. Over the years, with better breeding practices, the horse is much better today that is was in earlier times. There is more Quarter horses in this country today than there has ever been.