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What do they look like?
The American eel is really a fish. American eels generally have long thin bodies: sometimes as long as four or five feet in length. The eels have fins on their backs and are dark in color, ranging from brown to green. Their undersides are generally lighter and can be yellow or even white. They have fairly large mouths for what you'd expect of a creature of their size. Young American eels have incredibly sharp teeth. Adults lose their teeth but then grow them back. Their lower jaws protrude.

How do they behave?
Eels are interesting creatures in that they can live both in and out of the water. They have a mucous coating that enables them to hop out of their aquatic habitat and roam around on the shore for a bit. They can't live out of the water for an incredibly long time, however. They need to be in water to survive.
American eels are mostly carnivorous. They eat small fish, insects and other small crustaceans.

What else do you need to know about them?
The American eel's spawning habits are different from other fish. They spawn in salt water and in the winter and spring months. The eggs of the female are dropped into the deepest parts of their habitat. They can lay as many as 20-million eggs in one season. The male and female American eels die shortly after they spawn.