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Most of us have come to realize that there must be more to us than the daily "hats" we are identified with. We are more than employees, parents, children, spouces, etc. Who we really are is spiritual rather than material. In order for any human being to reach full potential of all our abilities and achieve that wonderful peace that the world cannot take away, we must first realize who we truly are, meet the spirtual part of ourselves, and feed that spirit appropriately. In doing this, we can each open more peace, potential and understanding than ever before. The possibilities for what we can then achieve are limitless.

It is important to understand that as human beings we are three part beings. There is the body, which is necessary to live on this planet. It houses the spirit and mind. The mind is within the brain, the way we process information coming to us on all levels. That is where we weigh information, make decisions, receive or create ideas, etc. Then there is the spirt or soul. That is the part of us, which is eternal. Unfortunately, it is also the part that our society in general teaches us to ignore. The truth of the matter is that our spirit is the greatest part of us, the part that needs to be addressed in order for us to enjoy a better quality of life for ourselves and those around us. It is the part that will endure long after the mind and body have worn out and can no longer function.

In meditation, the goal is to reach the inner being (your spirit/soul) and allow that part of ourselves to speak to us, to guide us, to open up truths we have been unaware of in our busy daily lives. This spirit within us is what is connected to all that is, was or ever will be. It is pure energy, eternal. It is the part of us that really can grow and mature, understand that which defies logic or the worlds' limited truths. Once we truly come to comprehend the importance of our spirits it is only natural to want to improve our awareness and growth in that area.
A simple exercise in meditation for this purpose is as follows: Choose a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted and sit or lie in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and picture a pinpoint of light...mentally see yourself moving closer to the light. As it gets brighter, the things around you become more distant....less aware. Finally reach the purity, peace. No sound, no distraction. At this point your mind and spirit are one. You can "take stock" of this feeling, explore it by asking questions mentally such as "what do I believe in", "how do I really feel about this situation" or whatever you want.
Once you are comfortable about this essential part of your being, you can expand this exercise in many ways. You can take this precious time to realize and truly feel your connection to all that is...utilize this concentrated state to center and ground. Embrace your oneness to the Creator and the universes.
This exercise should be performed at least 3-4 times weekly and once comfortable with this, continue in further steps for growth such as centering, grounding, expanding consciousness. These items as well as more advanced topics will be available in similare articles soon.