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Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a Mormon household? There are many false conceptions about Mormons. First, not all Mormon families have a litter of children and not all Mormons are married by the time they are eighteen. Aside from many of their religious beliefs and traditions they are not much different than your average American family.
A Mormon's first priority is to God, prayer, and their church. They believe in praying before each meal. They also devote every Sunday to church and family activities. Mormons believe deeply in their religion and most young male Mormons set out on a two year mission to spread the word of their religion and try to recruit others to take part in it. They believe in The Bible but also have their own book called The Book of Mormon. Every night families read scriptures out of these books before they go to bed.
Mormons do not believe in doing anything that will harm their body or health. This means that they are unlikely to drink, smoke, and do drugs. But also, Mormons try to avoid anything that contains caffeine. They also believe that you should not engage in sexual activities until you are wed. Other activities that Mormons do not believe in are watching R-rated movies, gambling, and any homosexual acts.
The majority of true Mormons raise their kids by the strict rules of their church. They live by worshiping God and try to get others to take part in religious activites. But mostly they are just like the norm of American people with a little more faith.