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The full Moon appears to have an odd effect on people and animals. In fact, the word "lunacy" comes from lunar. When the Moon is full, so people simply go bananas.

Witches ride during the full Moon. Werewolves howl. Grunions mate. And any nurse, in any hospital emergency room, will tell you that a full Moon hanging in the sky is an open invitation for the crazies to come out from under the rocks.

The Moon has been held in awe for centuries. People once believed that it was populated by everything from little green men to gods and goddesses. The Moon was believed to have a powerful influence the behavior of both people and animals. All nature bowed to the power of the Moon.

A legion of superstitions has been spawned by the Moon. Its various phases -- full, half, quarter and new -- was thought to bring fortune or misfortune, depending over what part of the world (not to mention upon what individual) it was shining.

Here are a few of those beliefs.

A full Moon on Christmas day brings misfortune.

Two full Moons in the same month will cause severe weather in the following month.

The Moon is made of green cheese. (Where that come from is anybody's guess!)

It is unlucky to look at the Moon through a pane of glass.

Never sleep exposed to the rays of the Moon because lunacy will follow.

Chickens lay more eggs under a Moon in its last quarter.

Sleeping under the light of a full Moon will make a woman pregnant.

A full Moon during harvest means a good crop.

A new Moon brings good fortune.

In some parts of the world, it is unlucky to point at the Moon. Misfortune will follow.

The first new Moon of the year should be bowed or curtsied to. Men, however, can simply doff their hats in respect.

It is bad luck to dig a grave or bury a body during a new Moon. Other sources say that it is bad luck to open a grave or bury a body during a full Moon.

It is unlucky to drive a nail into a board during a full Moon.

Blowing nine times on a wart while the Moon is full will make the wart go away.

And finally...

A woman must be very careful who she invites to dinner if she had baked a cake when the Moon is full. It seems that some believe that the person who eats the first piece piece other than members of one's own family will become your husband.