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In 1820, a young boy named Joseph Smith was introduced to many sects of religious beliefs, all of which claimed to be true. Joseph attended as many of the meetings held by these churches as he could manage. The only common factor of these churches was the belief in Jesus Christ.
Joseph noticed that each church was in disagreement and contradicted the others.

While reading the scriptures of the Holy Bible, Joseph came across a verse that read “one lord, one faith, one baptism...” Now he was really confused. If there is only one faith, only one of these religious sects could be true. He questioned himself and others as to how all these
churches could be so different yet claim to be true.

In the Book of James, first chapter fifth verse, he found a scripture that read “if any of you lack wisdom ask God, but let him ask in faith, nothing wavering”. This passage ran through Joseph’s mind over and over again, until he decided to just that: ask God. One beautiful morning Joseph
set out for the woods, to find a quiet spot where he would ask for this wisdom.

Down on his knees Joseph proceeded to pray and ask God which of these churches was the true church. In response to his prayer, Joseph had his first vision. He was visited by two personages, which he came to know as God and Jesus Christ. It was Jesus who instructed him to follow none of the churches for they were not the truth. Joseph was told that in time he was to learn of the truth and that it would lead him to restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Later, in 1829, ancient scriptures on metal plates were delivered to Joseph Smith by an angel of the lord. He began transcribing these scriptures with Oliver Cowdry as his scribe. Together, Joseph and Oliver learned a lot of the truth, received visions, and it is said that they were even ordained by John the Baptist.

Early 1830 the first publications of the Book of Mormon were printed. On April 30, 1830 the first meeting of the Church of Jesus Christ was held in a manner instructed from the lord. Later this day Joseph Smith baptized all who attended this meeting, including his parents.

Joseph Smith died a brutal death 1844 in Carnage, Illinois, and is remembered as the first prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.