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In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
So tell the tale-perhaps they will reflect. (Koran 7:176)


Adam is Arabic word which means mankind. Adam was the first man whom Allah created from clay. Before the creation of Adam, Allah declared His intentions of creating a vicegerent on earth. The angels and Iblis disapproved of the idea. Allah asked all the angels to bow as a mark of respect to Adam. All angels bowed with respect to Adam. However, Iblis did not. Resultantly, God expelled Satan from the Garden of Bliss and deprived him from all divine favours. Satan bought permission from Allah to mislead the human beings from the right path, which was granted. The Prophet Adam and his wife were first given a place in the Garden (of Bliss) to reside. They were told not to come near a specific tree. Iblis, however, persuaded them to approach the prohibited tree. Instantly evil consequences appeared. They were, however, overcome by grief. They prayed to Allah for forgiveness. Allah accepted their prayer. At the same time He dispelled them from the Garden of Bliss. They became ordinary people with a certain span of life on earth. Allah sent directions and guidance to the Prophet Adam. He advised others to do good and avoid evils.


Ibrahim was a great prophet. He lived among people who prayed to other things, among them idols which they had made themselves. Ibrahim knew it was not right to worship idols. One evening Ibrahim saw a bright star in the sky and thought "that is my God" but as the star faded away it became clear to Ibrahim that the star was not God. On another occasion, Ibrahim saw the moon and he again thought "that is my God but as the moon disappeared, Ibrahim realized that the moon was not God. Finally, he saw the bright sun and thought that must be my God but when sunset came, Ibrahim realized that this was not God. Ibrahim then said, "O my people, I firmly and truly turn my face to Him Who created the heavens and the earth, and I shall never worship any god but Allah." Who is the creator of all these things. Ibrahim went among the people and told them they must worship Allah only. At this, the people became angrier. They threw Ibrahim into a fire. But he had Allah’s help. Allah made the fire cool so that Ibrahim was not burned at all. Later, Ibrahim left these idolatrous people and went to another country. when he was an old man, he had two sons, Ismail(Alaih Assalaam) and Ishaq (Alaih Assalaam). Both of them were prophets of Allah. Ishaq son Yaqub(Alaih Assalaam), was also a prophet and would carry Ibrahim’s traditions to become the “children of Israel” or Israelities, forming Judaism. Then Ibrahim had a dream in which he had to sacrifice his son. Ibrahim became very sad at this, but all the same, he knew that Allah had given him an order and he had to obey it. But first of all, he asked his son if he would agree. The son consoled his father and agreed. Ibrahim prepared to kill his son but before he actually did so, he heard a voice: You have shown your good intentions, the voice told Ibrahim, and this is sufficient. You have already fulfilled Allah’s will. They both thanked Allah and sacrificed instead an animal, as Allah had ordered. To remember this occasion we Muslims celebrate every year and like Ibrahim and his son, we sacrifice an animal. Later, Ibrahim and his son Ismail built the Ka’ba in Makkah and then they both prayed: O Allah, take this house in Your grace and help us and the people who come to us to be truly good Muslims. Allah heard this prayer, and blessed the Ka’ba and the town of Makkah. The Ka’ba is the oldest prayer house of Allah on earth. It is at the Ka’ba that all Muslims worship Allah together, and that includes all those who lived earlier, all those who are living now and all those who will live in the future.


To Ibrahim, at his old age, Allah gave a son from his first wife Sarah. He was told to name the son Ishaq. After the event of sacrifice of Ismail Allah told Ibrahim that you would have another son but this time from Sarah. At that time Ibrahim and Sarah were very old.


Prophet Ya'qub was the son of Prophet Ishaq. Ishaq was chosen to be the Prophet of the Bani Israel. Prophet Ya'qub had twelve sons who became the progenitors of twelve tribes. Prophet Yusuf was one of them. Prophet Ya'qub had great affection for Yusuf. As the other children of Ya’qub were jealous of Yusuf they made a plan to separate Yusuf from his father. They threw him into a well. They came back shedding crocodile tears and said to Ya’qub that a wolf has eaten Yusuf. Prophet Ya'qub wept bitterly day and night in rememberance of Yusuf and lost his eyesight. After a long time he came to know that Prophet Yusuf was alive. Prophet Ya'qub then went to his son Yusuf and remained there for the rest of his life.


The Prophet Yusuf and his family settled in Egypt. They were called the Israelites. Gradually they increased in number and gained considerable power. At that time Egypt was ruled by the king Fir'aun (Pharaoh). He was a powerful king. He thought himself to be god. The Israelites were looked down upon in that society. When Pharaoh noticed that the Israelites were increasing in number, he planned to persecute them. Pharaoh ordered that all male children born in the families of the Israelites should be put to death. The soldiers started complying with the orders of their king. Many innocent babies were killed in this way. In that era one of the Israelite woman gave birth to a male baby. The mother thought that the soldiers of Pharaoh would soon find him out. The newly born baby was named Musa. Instead of giving Musa to soldiers his mother made a box. She put Musa in the box. She pushed the box into the river. The box went on moving and gradually came near the shore. Some People were washing their clothes at the shore. They saw the box and they picked up the box. They were greatly surprised to see a beautiful baby enclosed in the box. The people took the box to Pharaoh. The wife of Pharaoh decided to make Musa her own son. Prophet Musa began to cry out of hunger. The baby was handed over to a woman who was appointed to nurse him but he kept on weeping. The sister of Prophet Musa who was standing near remarked: May I bring a woman whom the baby requires? She was directed to go immediately and call her. She requested her mother to accompany her to Pharaoh's house. As soon as Musa went into the arms of her mother he became quiet. Pharaoh's wife requested the mother of Prophet Musa to stay with them and nurse him. The Prophet Musa was brought up in Pharaoh's house and His mother was taking care of him. One day he saw an Israelite fighting hard with one of the men of the King. When man of his party called him for help he came and hit the man of the King with his fist. The blow was so strong that the man died at the spot. Prophet Musa felt sorry for what had happened. He called his action as a devil's doing who misled human beings. He realized his mistake and prayed for Divine protection. Soon the news of the murder of a man spread. The people made a plan to kill Musa. He was directed to migrate to another place. Prophet Musa left Pharaoh's house and went to Madyan. There he saw two young girls waiting at a distance. He went up to the girls and asked if they needed help. They said that they were waiting so that the shepherds might go away. Musa helped them and drove the sheep to the spring to drink water. Then the women left the place with their sheep. In the meanwhile one of the two women came to him and said: "My father invites you so that he may give you the reward of your having watered for us." (28:24). Musa was asked to stay with them. Musa got married to one of the girls of that family. One day he set out on a journey from Madyan. His family accompanied him. When Musa reached the mountain, Tur, he perceived a brilliant light from a distance. When Musa reached near it suddenly a voice was-heard. Musa was puzzled and scared. The thing that looked like fire was not fire in the real sense of the word but it was the reflection of the glory of God. Allah commanded Musa to go to Egypt to free the Israelites from Pharaoh and tell Pharaoh about Allah. Prophet Musa was not good at arguing. He had an impediment in his tongue to speak freely. He sought permission from Allah to take his brother Prophet Harun with him as a helper because he was an eloquent speaker. The permission was immediately granted. They went to Pharaoh to argue with him. They conveyed him the message of Allah but he made fun of them. Finally the Prophet Musa said: 0' King! Do you like me to show you that my message is true? Pharaoh replied in affirmative. The Prophet Musa threw his stick on the ground and it changed its shape into a snake. Then the Prophet Musa put his hand in his armpit. When he got it out, his hand was shining brilliantly. Pharaoh became worried because he feared that people should begin to follow him. He fixed a special day for contest between the Prophet Musa and other magicians. On the appointed day firstly the royal magicians threw their sticks. They moved and looked like snakes. When Musa threw his stick the stick became a big snake and swallowed all the moving sticks of the royal magicians. Most of the magicians drew back humiliated and prostrated themselves adoring. They said: We believe in the Lord of the Worlds; the Lord of Prophet Musa and Prophet Harun. Pharaoh became mad with rage because his men were inclined to follow the Prophet Musa. He threatened them. Pharaoh and his men began to persecute the followers of Prophet Musa The Israelites remained patient. They kept praying to God. When the Israelites were under the burden of hardships and sufferings, Allah ordered Musa to leave the area with his followers. Musa directed his people to migrate to another place. Musa and Israelites left Egypt. To take revenge of his disgrace Pharaoh ordered his soldiers to arrest the Israelites and bring them back. When Prophet Musa and his followers were near the seashore and were being chased, Allah revealed this order to him: "Strike the sea with the stick”. The water of the sea went up high and the bottom of the sea turned into dry land. The Israelites went through the dry land. Pharaoh and his huge army chased them. As soon as the Israelites passed the river the water from both the sides poured. It rushed over Pharaoh and his soldiers. They were completely drowned. When Prophet Musa and his followers got rid of Pharaoh, Allah commanded Prophet Musa to go to a certain mountain. There Allah gave him the Holy Book Taurat. When Prophet Musa went back to his people to tell them about the revelations that he had received he was much grieved to know that his followers had become addicted to praying to the calf instead of Allah. Whenever his brother Prophet Harun forbade them to do so, they made fun of him. Prophet Musa tried hard to uproot this form of idolatry from the hearts of the Israelites but most of them insisted on worshipping a cow. Musa prayed to Allah for the forgiveness of himself his brother and his people. Allah forgives them. Allah provided them with eatables and directed the Prophet to hit a special cliff with his stick and when he did so the water gushed out. There were twelve places in that cliff from which sprang out water. The Israelites were of twelve branches each a descendant of a son of Prophet Ya'qub. So each branch came to drink from one of the springs of water from that cliff. After staying in the desert for some time Prophet Musa planned to proceed towards the blessed land, Palestine but his people opposed this idea and they said that you and your God should fight against the people of promised land, as they are strong, and we will wait for you here. As a result neither Musa nor his followers of that time ever entered the Promised Land.


Dawud was not only Prophet of the Israelites but he was also their king. The Prophet Dawud had an ancestral link with the Prophet Ya'qub. Once a war broke out between the Israelites and the Philistines. Jalut who was a man of lofty stature commanded the army of the Philistines. The Israelites were afraid of Jalut as well as his big and strong army. Jalut called out his opponents to combat but none of the Israelites had the courage to accept the challenge. The Israelites were terror-stricken. Prophet Dawud decided to face Jalut. Prophet Dawud killed Jalut and his army ran away. The Prophet Dawud became popular among his people because he rescued his people from Jalut. Later Prophet Dawud was made king of Israelites. Allah revealed the Zabur to Prophet Dawud. As an adept craftsman he made coats of mail.


The Prophet Sulaiman was son of the Prophet Dawud. After the death of his father the Prophet Sulaiman became the Prophet and the King. Allah gave him command over Jinns, both the good and the evil ones. He also gave him power over wind. Birds and animals were under his command. One day the Prophet Sulaiman ordered all the birds to gather. All birds gathered except Hoopoe bird. After sometime the Hoopoe bird came and said to Sulaiman that I went to a country called Siba. There I found a Queen ruling. The people there worship Sun. The Queen has a wonderful throne and she rules with full authority. The Prophet Sulaiman then said to the bird to take my letter to her. In the letter Sulaiman asked the Queen only to worship Allah. When the Queen of Siba, got the letter she quickly called together her advisers and the chiefs of the country, and asked them what she should do. They said that we are strong so we can have a war with Sulaiman. The Queen was against the war so she sent some precious gifts to Sulaiman. Later Sulaiman send the Queen an invitation to visit him. When the Queen departed from her country to visit Sulaiman, Sulaiman brought the throne of the Queen of Siba to him with the help of a jinn. When the Queen came, Sulaiman showed her the throne and asked whether this was her throne. She said that my throne is almost like her throne. Then she recognized the power of Allah and started worshipping Allah. Then the Prophet Sulaiman married her.


The Israelites had now become the rulers of the world during the days of the Prophet Sulaiman. However, afterwards they again and again suffered because of their misdeeds. The Romans had conquered Jerusalem the land that was known as Palestine. The Israelites lived as an unhappy people. Allah then decided to send to them one great Prophet, Isa to help elevate them in their sufferings. The mother of the Prophet Isa was Mariam. Allah wanted to show man that He could do what He liked. One day an angel came to Mariam and told her that Allah has decided to give you a child. Mariam was surprised and said how could I have a child as I have no relations with any man. The angel then replied Allah could do whatever He wants. Your son has been named by Allah, Isa Al-Meseeh Ibin Mariam. Allah is sending him as a Prophet. Mariam went to another town and there she gave birth to Prophet Isa. The people were surprised to see the baby of Mariam. The people inquired Mariam about the child but she did not speak instead the child spoke and told them that he is a servant of Allah and I have been sent to you with a message. So worship only Allah. Each prophet is granted some special power. Even before the birth of Isa, when the angels told his mother that he would come, they also told her of his powers. They said that Even as a baby he will be able to speak. He will be able to cure the leper and bring light to blind eyes. He will be able to give life to the dead. He will make a bird of clay and give it life so that it will fly. All these things he will be able to do only by the permission and grace of The Lord God Allah. Gradually, Prophet Isa grew up. Some of the Israelites did not believe in Isa. They were jealous of him and of his miracles. They reported lies to the Romans against him. Finally the Romans issued a warrant for his arrest. Allah changed another person’s features to look like that of the Prophet Isa. That man was crucified. The reality is that Allah has only lifted him up to Heavens. As Allah had taken him up and saved him from his own people so the Prophet Isa would one-day return to this world once again.