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Buddhism was founded in the fifth and sixth centuries B.C.E. Buddhists believe that all humans are imperfect and that people don't marry other people but instead choose to make a dual pledge to the greater Truth, which is perfect.
Buddhist wedding ceremonies are quite simple. They are based on Buddhist scriptures and are usually custom designed by the couple getting married. They choose which scriptures they want read and basically what other events they would like to take place.
One Buddhist tradition is for both the bride and the groom to walk down the aisle carrying strands of 21 beads each. This strand is called o juju, and are like a Catholic rosary, but they are shorter and represent Buddha, the couple and the couple's families. During the ceremony the couple exchanges vows, and a Buddhist monk blesses the marriage.
Another Buddhist tradition occurs when the couple then shares a cup of sake. They then turn to their parents, hug them and present them with flowers, and then have a processional of music.
Most Buddhists live in Eastern and Central Asia. The religion has some 307-million believers. They study Buddha's teachings. Buddha is also known as Siddhartha Gautama. He is the founder of the religion.
The Japanese prefer Shinto-style weddings to Buddhist weddings, but many Japanese-Americans prefer to marry in Buddhist temples. In the United States, these temples are typically quite similar to Shinto shrines.