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Cancer the fourth sign of the Zodiac, is a water sign. Their ruling planet is the moon the God of Feminity. If you were born June 22 - July 22, you are a Cancer. Cancerians are ruled by how they feel, they are emotional and sensitive. Cancerians are also powerful but can be vulnerable.

Cancer persons are motherly in nature which makes them sympathetic and kind. They have a protective influence and will defind and protect their loved ones against all odds. Their sense of security involves home and family.

Despite their many moods theri personalities are naturally affectionate and may need to avoid smothering others eith their protectiveness and devotion.

Cancer is a water sign, and cancerians are sometimes shy, with sentimental tendencies, tending to hang on to the past which usually they have full houses, of relics of the past. Cancerians also manage money well, and believe in saving for a rainy day.

With the Moon coloring their responses, Cancerians are naturally intuitive or mediumistic and can be easily hurt. Their powerful imagination and sensitive understanidng may find an avenue of expression through the creative and artistic worlds. Yet above all, once they trust someone enough to show their feelings, they can be strong, loyal, and protective.