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Numerology is a symbolic system, one of many tools we can use to better understnd ourselves and our life purpose better. Numbers possess a dual nature and can represent either a positive or a negative force. Exploring their meaning can help us discover and develop our potential and guide us through our jouney through life. Your Holistice number is your personal number. This number is a number that stays with you throughout life. How you figure your life number is very simple, you take your date of birth and add together all the numbers. Example: August 8, 1966
8+8+1+9+6+6= 38 3+8=11 1+1=2 Your Holistic number would be 2.
There are nine basic numbers, each having a positive and a negative expression in a persons personality, depending on how they approach their life's challenges.

The number 1 dynamic is conscious. The positives of number 1 are self-assurance, creativity, and independence. The negatives of number 1 are swings from lack of confidence to overconfidence, being demanding, arrogance, and selfishness.

The number 2 dynamic is sensorial. The positives of the number 2 are socialability, receptivity, and the ability to balance your needs with needs of others. The negatives of number 2 are dependency, restlessness, insecurity and a lack of self-esteem.

The number 3 dynamic is expressive or emotional. The positives of the number 3 are creative self-expression, imagination and versatility. The negatives of the number 3 are worry and self-doubt, exaggeration, intolerance, indecision and irresponsibility.

The number 4 dynamic is physical. The positives of the number 4 are organizational skills, praticality and self discipline. The negatives of the number 4 are being too lazy or a workaholic, having difficulty letting go of the past, and giving in to excess.

The number 5 dynamic is instinctive. The postives of the number 5 are quick reactions and decisive action. The negatives of number 5 are impetious behavior, irresponsible conduct, boredom and ruthlessness.

The number 6 dynamic is emotional. The positives of the number 6 is compassion, idealism, creativity and vision. The negatives of the number 6 is lack of satisfaction, a lack of compassion, being domineering and being interfering.

The number 7 dynamic is intuition and the mental. The positives of the number 7 are honesty and trust, attention to detail and ingenuity. The negatives of the number 7 are suspicion, secretiveness, skipticism, being too critical and being unfeeling.

The number 8 dynamic is emotional and material power. The positives of the number 8 are strength and strong convictions, motivation, and determination.The negatives of the number 8 are impatience, intolerance, overwork, and a lack of planning.

The number 9 dynamic is collective or universal. The positives of the number 9 are compassion, tolerance, patience, and humanitarianism. The negatives of the number 9 are selfishness, stubborness, umpraticality and worry.

These nine numbers are the basis of numerology and are a great tool in understanding ourselves in the great cycle of life.