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Virgo is the sign of the virgin. Being born under this birth date would be between August 23rd through September 22nd. The star’s name is Regulus, and is also called Lion’s Heart. The star can be found in the sky by 28 51’- 29 48’. This star has been able to be seen since 1930 and will be able to be seen through the year 2000. The constellation is call Alpha Leonis. The star is closest to Mars and Jupiter. The description of the star is a brilliant white and blue triple star located on the body of the lion.

The positive aspects of being a Leo is that they are very high-spirited. They are quiet frank during anything from an argument to a casual chat. Leo’s have a lot of courage and through the courage shows honor. Being a Leo tends to mean that riches are theirs and they have quite a bit of authority.

Some of the not so positive things about being a Leo are that they are very stubborn. They can be unruly and domineering. Leo’s tend to be dishonest, which can lead to a string of several other problems. Being a Leo tends to mean that you are very irritable and can be easily frustrated.

Being strong in trusting intuition, a Leo can overcome a doubting, skeptical look. They need regular rest periods, but that also tends to lead to isolation. When a Leo feels down they become cold, obstinate, and domineering to stay in control of the situation and of themselves. A Leo has power and strength that can uplift others and help others achieve their inspired dreams.

Leos have a gift with words. A straightforward, matter-of-fact attitude may guarantee that they do not waste time, but aim straight for their objectives. Some good
careers for a Leo to do would be writing, education, and politics. A Leo would also prosper in business as an organizer, a manager, or an executive.

A Leo can provide a great amount of love and support for others. Although seeing that a Leo needs love is not always obvious to others. A Leo is attracted to power and creativeness. A mate as a director or someone of that nature would suit a Leo. At times they can be ambiguous about love, but once settles they can be faithful and caring.

Some famous people born under this sign are Charlie Sheen, Memphis Slim, Carl Anderson, and Loren Eiseley.